My Gardening Ways

Yes, I’m writing words that I hope people will read, and I’m selecting images that I trust will add to the story, or indeed stand alone as artistic examples, but nevertheless; I’m writing for myself. I create each piece in the best way that I can, and in the time that is available, I’ll hit publish, and away it will go – out into the universe for better or for worse.

A lone pot marigold fixed in time…

To this end, last year I assembled a ‘Journal’ post each week, pulling together an article that told the story of my week in gardening. I enjoyed the process even though the year was very challenging for obvious reasons. Towards the end of the year however I made the decision to pause my garden journal due partly to a change in working situation, and also to allow more time to explore some creative writing – and I’ve certainly enjoyed the creative freedom that brought.

I have to say that the change in post style and frequency certainly helped over the last few disorderly months, but I have found myself missing the regularity of creating my old style Journal posts. I feel like there’s a big gap in my diary, and that I’ve misplaced my ability to stop and consider the week that has passed – and to learn from its lessons.

Having considered some options over the festive period therefore, and from this weekend forward, I’m going to make a change to my New Year 2021 posts and their frequency.

I’m committed to assembling at least one post each week in my old Journal style, in order to record the challenges and experiences each week throws at me – whilst also continuing with individual articles on various garden related themes as they present themselves to me.

My garden journal returns for 2021..!

Looking ahead then, if you wish to tune-in to my gardening week, do look for some new Journal posts that will take five minutes or less to breeze through – that at least is my target. Otherwise, if you’re looking for some more gardening food for thought, do look to my other articles with individual titles – all will be published through my GardeningWays WordPress blog.

Until next time then, I hope you’re finding your feet again after a pretty unusual start to the New Year, and that you’re noticing the day light hours already lengthening out.

I hope you’re seeing some green details outside the window, and that maybe an icy chill has kissed your cheeks on a wintry exercise walk. If not I hope a house plant or two will hold your gaze whilst you study their veined leaves and rich colours, or that you can wander through a far off garden via the pages of a book, a youtube video, or even via a nicely assembled blog post!

In the garden, in the moment…

However you’re connecting with nature, plants and gardens, even if just for a few minutes a day, I hope it brings you some of the comfort, hope and optimism that you need to sustain you over the coming weeks. I’m holding my garden and gardening ways as close to full centre as I possibly can – as it’s my lifeblood, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Have a great week, & remember to say hello on Twitter or Instagram!

2 thoughts on “My Gardening Ways

  1. I’m so pleased you will continue weekly journal posts. From ‘down under’ in New Zealand I really enjoy the juxtaposition of comparing what I see growing here with what you have growing there in our opposing seasons. During winter here – looking at your summer plants helped me plan for mine. As an amateur gardener I also appreciate learning from your knowledge and experience. Totally agree with you about the personal benefits of regular ‘diary’ posting. Thank you.

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    1. Oh that’s a lovely reply to read, thanks for your kind words. I shall definitely hold your comment in my mind when I next post, as it will help guide my thinking & explanation. Happy New Year to you 🙂

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