My Gardening Ways

Garden blogging – what’s it all about eh? Why do I invest good money in a WordPress blog site, only to invest more valuable time in the creation and editing of articles? (Articles that generally get caught up in the tiniest corner of a loose outer strand of the World Wide Web anyway!)

A recent article of mine…

It’s cathartic and therapeutic, that’s why. It gives me opportunity to ponder the incredibly diverse world of plants and gardens, to consider the never ending revelations, and it gives me a very personal and creative outlet. This I believe is more important than the ‘stats’ behind any blog, stats that I don’t make time to study and play to anyway.

2 thoughts on “My Gardening Ways

  1. I’m so pleased you will continue weekly journal posts. From ‘down under’ in New Zealand I really enjoy the juxtaposition of comparing what I see growing here with what you have growing there in our opposing seasons. During winter here – looking at your summer plants helped me plan for mine. As an amateur gardener I also appreciate learning from your knowledge and experience. Totally agree with you about the personal benefits of regular ‘diary’ posting. Thank you.

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    1. Oh that’s a lovely reply to read, thanks for your kind words. I shall definitely hold your comment in my mind when I next post, as it will help guide my thinking & explanation. Happy New Year to you 🙂

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