Take a patch of moss…

I was dazzled in the garden yesterday, and not for the first time by a patch of moss. This patch was part of a larger one growing very happily on the lower part of a tree trunk sheltered by hedges. The patch was soft but tough, rooted firmly to its spot and wrapped tightly around the west face of the tree – a shadier space in the garden could scarcely be found.

Its brightness captured my eyes for a while, shining as it was on a dull February day. One of those days when the sun only occasionally appeared, and only then like torchlight through the fog.

4 thoughts on “Take a patch of moss…

  1. Thank you for this paean to moss, Gary! I’m in full-hearted agreement. I’m sure you know that the Japanese treasure moss and cultivate it in their gardens; my mum is Japanese and I spent part of my youth in Japan, where my family went to many temple gardens carpeted with moss. It had a magical feeling for me then and still does now. Besides, if it weren’t for moss, my lawn wouldn’t be nearly so green in winter 😄.

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    1. I didn’t know that about you – and I’m turning moss green with envy! I’ve been fascinated in Japanese gardens and culture for many many years and just have to visit before I shuffle off! (I’d exchange grass for a moss lawn any day too 😉)


  2. By coincidence I noticed a particularly attractive clump of moss on the apple tree today. Despite there being an absence of leaf or bud I was also drawn to the sculptural value of the tree. I felt the tree was now truly mature, which is poignant today as it is my son’s 37th birthday and the tree was a gift to mark his birth.

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