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This blog is a personal platform I use when occasion presents, and when I feel inspired to record a garden experience or create an article.

I have always worked with and been fascinated by plants, and have an endless appreciation for gardens and nature. Be they new, polished show gardens or age old historic landscapes, I’ll be drawn by the lines and the structures, captivated by the architecture and social history, and will be magnetised by the plants in all their varied forms and incredible beauty.

In a professional capacity, I’ve worked across numerous English counties and built experience in the management and restoration of historic gardens and landscapes. My work is precise, both formal and wild, and I care: for presentation, for ecology, and for the spirit of place in each location.

In recent years I’ve broadened my experience to include engagement and interpretation of gardens, and have worked with numerous curators, artists, designers and engineers to place art in delicate landscape settings. Managing the demands of restored gardens with modern access and promotion has become something of a way of life for me, and I look forward to many more years working in this field – balancing access and engagement in gardens, with horticulture and honest, down to earth gardening.

Over time I hope the collection of articles and images on my Gardening Ways blog will grow, to provide a window on how I view the world and its #GardeningWays

Enjoy… and if I can be of service do let me know!

2 thoughts on “My Gardening Ways Blog Explained

  1. Hi Gary

    I need some help please if you can Having remembered my time at Compton Verney and the wonderful fishing I enjoyed have moved to Chinnor in Oxfordshire.

    Currently Chinnor; here in Oxfordshire is being asked to take control of a huge plot of the Chilterns that was a working Cement Quarry . this is after a large builder has finished with their development on part of the land.

    The area is already designated as an Area of Outstanding natural beauty plus part is designated as a Site of special Scientific Interest. We are starting from scratch with no knowledge or know how about any of this but we need to take control to stop an outside source from gaining control over an area which has now become part of our village for walking and recreation.

    The site is rather large with 5 lakes one is already run by the local fishing club who currently do manage the area they are interested in quite well. The rest of the area has been left to overgrow, plus with the left-over tailings from the development close-by have never been truly landscaped.
    There is a fund of money to be commuted to the management of this site but that is deemed to be insufficient to run the site for a 20 year lease term.

    As a local councillor I am trying to get the local Parish council to take this on but they are risk avert in that they do not want to take on any liability for third party accidents or financial risk. Therefore we have to come up with a management plan with costs to cover the lease period

    Can you advise help in any way we need contacts and especially insurance help for liability where water is concerned. Can you let us see your management plan so we can steal it of course, but actually show us the way.

    One real stumbling point is one large lake fully within the SSSI area that has steep sides in the chalk of the Chiltern’s close to a public footpath, it’s this that is causing a great concern as to public liability.

    Regards Gordon Archer


    1. Hi Gordon,
      Good to hear from you, didn’t know you’d moved though. First of all, what a fascinating opportunity it is, although not without its challenges as you say.
      Unfortunately I too have moved on from my previous role and don’t have access to any management plans at all, not that I think they’d help in your particular situation.
      I’d suggest that with the SSSI and AoONB designations you’d have interest at least from the local Wildlife Trust if not more parties with a vested interest – also with direct experience of managing wildlife resources in ex-quarry situations, I believe Warwickshire Wildlife Trust manages at least one site like this. It could therefore be useful to consult the local trust near you for guidance.
      I can also see that why the parish council would be cautious, and I can only really suggest contacting insurers for an appraisal but I’m not able to offer an contacts in this respect.
      Sorry I can’t be of any real help in this situation.
      Regards (& best of luck)


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