A New Shoot

I feel the time has come to move my personal blogging journey forwards, and so from this point on I’ll be re-directing effort from my established Gardening Ways account on blogger to this new WordPress blog.

Blogger has served me very well over the last few years, reaching nearly 60,000 page views through 158 posts – not bad for a part-time venture if I do say so myself.

river terrace formal planting at Charlecote Park.
© Gary Webb 2016

I’m hoping that a new, time focused approach to posting will not only make posts swifter to produce, but will also make them quicker to consume for anyone who stops by. After all; time is precious for us all.

laying a brick path
© Gary Webb 2016

If you’ve an interest in heritage, horticulture, nature, art, design or architecture, and all those related things that spin off; then you might like to follow the blog, or one of my related sites like twitter or instagram.

© Gary Webb 2016

Anyhow, before I waffle on too much I’ll sign off for now. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to be back soon with tales of a gardening kind!

Gardening Ways.

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