Becoming a Gardener

Becoming a Gardener.


Birds will call you to the garden each waking moment,

Then, you will find yourself working amongst them whilst appreciating

Their melodies, their objections, and their interest in your gardening.


Gardening will cease to be a chore when each action has deeper meaning,

When each action contributes not only to your garden

But to your neighbourhood, your planet, and to your wellbeing.


Each plant will share its special qualities with you at any given moment,

A moment when you could be anywhere else, but you will be there,

And rapidly any worry or toil that plant ever caused will be gone.


Be they lovely, harmed, harmful or full of delight and promise,

Every leaf, stem, flower and insect may present a new discovery for you,

And every voyage will become a journey of learning and fascination.


Time spent feeding the soil, sowing seeds, planting or looking,   

Lifting a pendulous flower or tickling your palm across soft spring growth

Will be an earthing occasion, connecting you with the world around you;

It will restore you and will never be time wasted.


Sometimes achievements will be crushed and losses will feel harsh yet,

The challenges are always worth rising to, and in the process a balance

Will be found that will nourish your heart, mind and soul.

Your back may need a little extra care though I have to say.


To know now that a plant or garden grew from your effort,

To know that ecology or the community may have unknowingly benefitted

From your guiding hand and watchful eye,

Is to know that you became a gardener, you contributed,

And you created life through your gardening.


Become a gardener and make a difference.

Gary Webb, June 2019

I’d love to hear why you became a gardener, what you get out of gardening, or what prevents you from seeing yourself as a gardener.



2 thoughts on “Becoming a Gardener

  1. I love this! 💚 thank you Gary. I have very recently started a new business, Gardens by Jen, designing beautiful gardens and maintaining gardens for others. I have always loved gardening in my own garden but now I’m helping others create and maintain a special area of their own I love it even more! Gardening is good for the soul and I am certainly appreciating a new world of gardening as with all the many different gardens I look after I am becoming familiar with individual feathered visitors that come and nibble on the treats that have been exposed while I’ve been gardening. My favourite is a black bird in Henley that has a white patch.


    1. Completely agree re gardens being good for the soul. Excellent to hear you’ve taken the plunge into gardening, it’s competitive but I’m sure you’ll do very well, I’ll certainly send any enquiries your way 👍🏻 Thanks for comment 😊


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