It’s about interacting with gardens and landscape.

I have to admit some frustration when I hear people wishing the winter away. Weather can wreak havoc with so many things like the daily commute, or weekend getaway, and can seriously delay schedules for one thing or another – I get that.

The winter season however is an essential part of the yearly cycle, and for many it brings a much earned respite from hot summer months that can, to some, be equally unbearable.

If I’m honest, I strive to deal with the cold as much as the next person, but when heading outdoors to garden or visit gardens; I wrap up warm and deal with it! Sometimes I feel the chill, and it’s not pleasant, but afterwards I feel all the more refreshed for it, and the well-earned comfy armchair and warming coffee is even more enjoyable.

What’s important for me is getting out there, making the most of the shorter days and feeling the chill on my face. It’s seeing twiggy branches against a wide blue sky, it’s crouching low to photograph a snowdrop flower, and it’s breathing the fresh air deeply.

It is about interacting with gardens and landscape….

Here’s a little video I’ve assembled to tempt you out into your garden, an open garden or landscape; even for a few minutes. Go on, you know you ought to…!



3 thoughts on “It’s about interacting with gardens and landscape.

  1. I forget this sometimes. But you are so right. Yesterday I seen the sunset through the leafless trees. It was beautiful. If the leaves would have been there I wouldn’t have seen the oranges and the pinks. It looked just like a painting. I’ll get a picture next time.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. It is something I think I’ve taken for granted for too long. I mean, I’ve enjoyed looking & being in gardens for years, but I’m really taking it in more now, if that makes sense?!

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