It’s Snowdrop Time!

Thought I’d assemble a quickie post for those who enjoy a snowdrop or two at this time of year… And for those who might think a snowdrop, is a snowdrop, is a snowdrop!

Snowdrop ‘Merlin’
Galanthus X hybridus ‘Merlin’

Not too far from me is Hill Close Gardens, a two acre set of recreated Victorian hedged gardens – think of formalised allotment plots on a south facing hillside, many with quaint little brick and tiled garden huts with built in fireplaces. It is just beyond cute!

Snowdrop display at Hill Close Gardens
Indoor display of snowdrop range in the gardens

The venue operates as a charitable trust, with a range of events spread across the year including a very popular apple day in the autumn amongst many others. Just now though it’s snowdrop time, and for the folks at Hill Close it’s an early weekend opportunity to swing open the gates and invite us all around to celebrate these little winter beauties.

Galanthus ‘Fred’s Giant’ Snowdrop
Galanthus elwesii Var elwesii ‘Fred’s Giant’

I have to say that I don’t count myself as a Galanthophile, I simply know what I like, when I see it. Snowdrops do though, when you see the different forms grouped side by side, have such a range of attributes that it’s clear to me that choosing snowdrops could be more fun & enjoyable than generally thought.

Snowdrop ‘Galatea’
Galanthus ‘Galatea’

What I guess I’m trying to say is, don’t simply write off snowdrops as drifts of white drops that all look pretty much the same – they don’t! I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this, I’m already preaching to the converted but even so, I’d encourage you to challenge others to seek out a good snowdrop garden, and take time out to really look at snowdrops; for there are some really special forms that are very different to the ‘standard’ Galanthus nivalis snowdrop – which sets the bar pretty high to start with as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Snowdrop Greatorex Double
Galanthus Greatorex Double

If you’re within travelling distance of Warwick, and can make either today, or the NGS open day at Hill Close on Saturday 16th February 2019, then your visit will directly support this horticultural gem – and you’re in for a floral winter treat to get your garden visiting season started!

Don’t forget it’s an RHS Partner Garden 😉

Visiting info available here: Hill Close Gardens, Warwick

Regards, Gary

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