Garden Journal 1.8.21

Hello, and thanks for visiting my garden journal – a place for recording my gardening activity and tracking moments in gardens. This week I recall positively glowing border flowers, I’ve been sniffing and snapping at Rousham, and I discuss mood and moments in observations.

Positively Glowing

There have been some ridiculously warm days over the last few weeks but since the full moon last weekend, hasn’t it all balanced out? It was all blazing sun and head-cooking workdays one moment, but then the weather turned and showers and storms seem to have become the norm for a while. Honestly, this year’s weather has been a real lottery!

The Rose Garden at Sulgrave Manor
Daisy clouds around the rose garden at Sulgrave Manor and Garden

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Rousham Park and Garden

Mercury statue, Rousham Gardens

I’d like to cast my mind back to a past visit in 2012 to Rousham Park and Garden. Such was the quality of the garden I was moved to write about it on my return home, and as the article turned out to be quite popular, I thought I’d update the article and post to my current blog – I hope you like the changes!

Mercury statue, Rousham Gardens
Statue of Mercury at Rousham. ©Gary Webb 2012

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