Christmas – Decoration Inspiration at Baddesley Clinton.

I enjoyed a little outing to an NT property yesterday called Baddesley Clinton, near Warwick. It was a blustery, cold rainy day, and not ideal for my usual garden stroll around the moat and fish pools. On this occasion however, it was another feature that triggered the visit – Christmas decorations, to be precise, and lots of them!

Christmas wreath on an old oak door at a Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire.

I’ve been aware of the Christmas activities at Baddesley for some time, and so it was great to finally see the results close up, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Dried floral decorations to be precise, lovingly grown not only by the garden team but by volunteers and visitors alike; a real story of an inspired collaboration.

Helichrysum garland on a Christmas tree at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire

Floral brilliance aside, I do initially want to bring focus to the story of the decorations, which is beautifully brought to the fore and told via little cards placed throughout the journey through the house. Another inspired move, and one that has allowed the folks involved an opportunity to voice their own memories of the process.

As far as the remainder of this post goes, it’s not a lengthy review of the visit; I simply wanted to share some visuals that may inspire your Christmas decorating. Mind you, I guess that like me, your wish for Christmas might now be that you wished you’d sown some Helichrysum and Statice earlier this year! Next year maybe…

Helichrysum flower globe on a Christmas Tree at Baddesley Clinton

It must have been a tough growing season for all the folks who grew the plants, although you wouldn’t know it when visiting. There are garlands and swags and dried decorations in almost every nook and cranny, and the wreaths were stunning – I seriously need to up my wreath game!

Apart from the use of fake base garlands because of sensitivities in the historic environment, all the decorations are genuine, hand grown, prepared and assembled dried flowers. Hours and hours of work have gone into producing the displays, and largely voluntary too; although I don’t doubt the efforts of the property team – this is a serious effort and many Brownie points are due!

A large, dried flower Christmas wreath on the front door at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire

The displays will be there until January 1st 2019 so there’s time to visit and see them for yourself. It’s such an evocative, moated house, and a great setting if you’re looking to submerse yourself in a rose tinted olde-worlde Christmas.

Christmas comes to Baddesley Clinton


Best, Gary.

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