Garden Journal 29.5.21

Hello and thanks for clicking the link to my garden journal. This week I’ve written about fading tulips, the day the rains came and general glasshouse busy-ness. I also mention a garden move on the home front, (as opposed to a house move,) and introduce a new section about observation.

Tulips Fade

I last updated my garden journal on the May 19 when tulips were very clearly stealing my show. In some cases they continue to flower well but, I’m sad to say, many have now gone over. It has though been a dazzling year for them with cooler temperatures playing a useful role in slowing things down, although now it does seem like the show is nearing its end as each tulip one by one gracefully bows out.

Bright yellow Tulip ‘Yokohama’ flowers fading towards the end of their season
Tulip ‘Yokohama’ on the slide…

The Rains Came

I say gracefully, but for the second week in a row the weather has been all over the place; in fact the whole of May has been. Monday last brought very heavy and prolonged showers with added hail for good measure, and at my work’s garden of Sulgrave Manor, following a morning of it, all I could do was head indoors, again, to dry out.

Journal 10.1.21

Hello and Happy New Year! Okay, so here I am at the end of week one 2021 with the first ‘Journal’ post of my revised blog format.

I’ll be creating this style of post every week going forward and shall look to include a handful of images grabbed during the week, with some supporting text to record my week of gardening ways, and hopefully to encourage yours!

This week has been a tough one to get my head around and not just because it’s the chilly first week of a new year. It is because, since the beginning of November, I’ve been furloughed for two days per week. This has now been extended through January.

Now, I’m a person that weighs up the pros and cons in any situation, and in the end I always plough on and keep things moving forward. This time however, and I don’t mind saying; it’s really challenging to get my head around things – especially now that schools are closed – if only I could clone myself!

Journal 3.10.20

Welcome to a slice of my weekly gardening journal – the next chapter…

In my last garden journal entry, I looked back on my previous working position. After posting that entry and sharing I was really humbled by the positive and supportive responses, every one of which helped to reassure me that my decision to move on was the right thing to do at this point in time.

Something also pointed out in some of the feedback was that I had accidentally, or maybe purposely, neglected to say where I would be working. How naughty I was, or more accurately, how careful I was in not wanting to be dismissive of my last year whilst pushing on to the next.

Man! Just tell us where you’re going?” You must be thinking, so with no further ado I’m excited to reveal that my new horticultural playground is the marvellous Sulgrave Manor and Garden, where I’ll be joining the team as a good old fashioned Head Gardener.

Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire.​ The front approach to the porch beyond peacock topiary specimens.
Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire.

Now if your first thought was ‘I’ve never heard of it,’ then I have my work cut out haven’t I! Don’t feel bad, as for many things you don’t know it until you know it – if that makes sense. I can assure you though, that once encountered this prettiest rural Northamptonshire property is sure to leave a positive and lasting impression, if for no other reason that it is the home of George Washington’s ancestors – yes, the founding father and the first president of the United States of America from 1789 to 1797. (For additional info I’ll signpost you to a little more through a link at the bottom of this post).