Where is Your Inspiration Destination?


I was asked a question last week which set me thinking; where outside of my workplace would I head to for inspiration?

Well I have to say that I do work in an inspiring place. It’s an art gallery and museum, and a real hive of activity and creativity. It is situated in a shallow, sculpted valley with a ribbon of water through its middle, and the surrounding hills are cloaked by farms and woodland.

‘Capability’ Brown’s classical bridge in the landscape at Compton Verney. © Gary Webb

In its midst sit a cluster of strong, mellow toned stone buildings commissioned by a wealthy Lord; all linked with renowned architects of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The venue is sprinkled with native and exotic plants and is a wildlife haven, playing host to a wide range of birds, badgers and rare bats; even visiting deer and otters add to the scene. 

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Reading the Landscape

Although a long time follower of ‘Capability’ Brown, I moved my focus recently to the first ‘official’ landscape gardener Humphry Repton. This may be a temporary flight of fancy, who knows, it has certainly opened my eyes though to some new ways of talking about and experiencing designed landscape. Here’s what happened…

Cloudscape across the designed landscape at Warley Woods Park.
Cloudscape across the designed landscape at Warley Woods Park.

My shift of focus was to contribute to a Gardens Trust project titled ‘Sharing Repton’. As with Repton’s approach, the Garden Trust’s ambition for this project is no less striking or far reaching, and won substantial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund earlier this year.

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Beningbrough Hall, Gardens & Gallery

I don’t review or write about garden visits very often, but with a little time away last week I was able to explore some new gardens, and this particular property was so good I couldn’t wait to post some pictures and tell you about it!

It is of course the beautiful Beningbrough Hall in North Yorkshire, which has been cared for by the National Trust since 1958.

©️Gary Webb 2018[[[[
Beningbrough is in many ways a ‘typical’ NT historic property, if there can be such a thing, with an expanse of grazed parkland, veteran trees to die for, a garden full of delights and a very fine early Georgian mansion as its crowning jewel.

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