My Gardeners’ World Video

A peculiar time was spring twenty twenty. My family were housebound, as were so many others – working and learning from home. Each day I’d get myself up, prepare for the day and carry myself along largely deserted roads whilst listening to the constant dialogue about keeping safe. I’d then spend the day working solo in a beautiful garden, lost in a perfectly imperfect world that I was trying very hard to comprehend.

At work, spring 2020

Each evening I’d return home, usually exhausted, isolate myself until I felt clean and able to hug by boys, and before taking them out for their much needed hour of exercise and escapism. I don’t think I’m overstating things when I say that it was a spring that changed everything; the sort of spring that trained my youngest boy out of running to hug me hard as soon as I got home from work.

On the outside though, last spring was incredible. It was long and warm and extra peaceful due to an unprecedented drop in air traffic and vehicles. As such, my gardens, both work and home became different places; more peaceful yet louder, more lively yet restrained. It’s hard to describe, but my gardens became safe havens and contemplation spaces more than ever before, and places for me to process what was happening elsewhere.

Gardeners’ World Escapism

I remember saluting, mentally at least when BBC Gardener’s World took the decision to accept viewers videos, as a way I guess to obtain content. This couldn’t have been easy knowing the high quality of filming and production on the program. Home-style videos were requested, and subsequently for me and many others, became a firm favourite alongside more professional videos from the established presenters – largely filmed in their home gardens too I might add.

Viewers video content added, and still adds a raw and personal feel, often unpolished with the occasional gust of wind blowing across a microphone, or filmed from a wobbly phone camera – but it’s great. I have huge respect for mainstream presenters and the established program format, which has grown to offer an hour of escapism after the typically stressful week. However, the home video segments have by fault or design given us snapshots and glimpses of the lives and garden passions of so many other gardeners. Starting the video segment was inspired, and long may it continue!

My Gardeners’ World Video

Well, I guess all that brings me to my own contribution – around two minutes of home style lockdown gardening – and why not I thought! On reflection I might have made a little much of it, knitting clips from across the span of a week or so, but anyone who knows me understands that I love producing images and clips that show gardens in their best light.
Mind you, apart from my wobbles over the clarity of my voice over, I have to admit that I was really happy with the result, which came across well after some nipping and tucking from the GW team. So, without further ado, and whilst not wanting to overplay my part, I’ve borrowed my own clip from the program for you to have a quick look. Enjoy!

BBC iPlayer Link to Gardeners’ World Episode Six – my segment around 28 mins in 👍🏻

One thought on “My Gardeners’ World Video

  1. I was sitting watching GW, sipping a small beer, letting the familiar voices and faces lull me into Friday night relaxation, when suddenly…YOU appear on the screen! What a surprise! I really enjoyed seeing your garden, and it was lovely to see you again, albeit on the small screen!


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