Journal 21.2.21

My working week has again been devoted to orchard pruning and having ticked tree number eleven off my list, I’m thankful to have finally found my stride. Each tree brings a different challenge as I endeavour to work out what the best course of action should be, with some having simple structures that demand the employment of simple pruning techniques, whilst others are more complex and need more study and fiddly attention. To be sure, some specimens are thriving, and some are not – indeed some trees at a ripe age are full of life, whilst one or two are clearly not.

Going up in the gardening world!

Generally speaking I have been working to open up some of the trees to allow the passage of more air through each tree, and to improve light penetration into the canopy which will assist with fruit ripening in due course. You’d probably watch and frown if you could see me at work though – staring thoughtfully at each tree from different angles and mentally tracking the passage of the summer sun. “Should I snip here and here, or make a bigger cut down there with a saw..?”

Whichever way you look at it, the pruning work is progressing nicely and as you’d expect, I have one eye on each tree’s fruiting potential, and another on the aesthetic qualities of each and every tree – how could I not?!

Hyacinths making their way to the show.

In my home garden things are still generally quiet on the gardening front – although a week of cut-backs are ahead. Old, dead herbaceous growth will be getting the chop, along with spent stems on a few shrubs. In the main though I shall continue to marvel, as I have last week, at the rapid rate of the new shoots that are appearing all around. Both in pots and borders, with Alliums and hyacinth bulbs offering their promises, and even some Ranunculus popping through now too – it is certainly all beginning to get growing.

Before I finish I want to briefly mention an in-between post that I popped out from my Gardening Ways blog on Wednesday titled ‘Take a Patch of Moss’. In case you missed it I was referring to the greenery, largely moss in this case that calmly sits in corners here and there, and to its intrinsic value. If you’ve a few more moments I’d be delighted if you could read this too.

Mossy talking in my post last Wednesday.

Until next time, take time if you can to notice the new shoots in our gardens and hedgerows. Enjoy these through social media if you must, but do if you can look for them whilst out and about – some may be a way off flowering yet, but their keenness to move forward towards their goal is powerful and palpable.

Best wishes, Gary

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