Journal 14.2.21

A garden haiku with the photograph showing an age old door to Nash’s house in Stratford upon Avon

Other activity this week included a golden hour on Saturday spent walking, virtually of course, through some incredible historic landscapes. This was through a session hosted by one of our foremost historic landscape specialists John Phibbs who, despite the challenges of a virtual conference room managed to move us to a variety of locations he’s encountered over the years during a talk called Horses and Hedges.

Having toured parkland landscapes such as Croome and Ampthill with John a few years ago, I was quick to tune into his style once again. I like how he observes landscapes, seeing things that pass others by and especially how he tries to understand how historic landscapes were constructed and used. Allowing for mistakes – we’re all only human after all, I value the opinion of anyone who’s spent time travelling and studying landscape, as it is often through these people where clues to how we can best interpret and care for these historic spaces come from.

John Phibbs Horses and hedgerows
John Phibbs – Horses & Hedges

Fragments of archival data, personal diaries, archaeology and subtle clues out in the field can be knitted together by folks like John to help paint a clearer picture of how these places were when in their prime. My life in historic gardening has been all the richer for meeting the likes of John and his colleagues, and I hope to join in more of these virtual and live sessions in due course.

After that flight of fancy I was quickly returned to earth for some important family moments the weekend had on offer which included a special Birthday on Saturday and Valentines Day on Sunday of course. Naturally, I’m not growing enough flowers in my garden meaning cut flowers needed ordering, this time from Bloom & Wild and they were I’m glad to report – just perfect! Also, to add a further little flourish the crocus buds I featured earlier in the week opened too in all their vivid glory. They may not last long but aren’t they worth the wait!

Crocus in my garden just now..,

This week, with half term now underway is going to be another busy one for me. There are a few irons in the fire so to speak, both with work and on the home front, but I’m endeavouring to keep my sketching going and hopefully now will throw in an odd Haiku here and there for good measure – constructive criticism always welcome! Until next time then, many thanks for stopping by, I do hope all is well with you and you’re enjoying the sunshine when it breaks through – spring is now but a hop, skip and jump away! Regards, Gary

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