Journal 14.2.21

My journal is a day late this week following an enjoyable family focussed weekend – but what a week it’s been. Counting the days, I was relieved to have made it through to the close of Thursday when I could high-five myself for surviving another part week of home schooling – Friday of course being another normal work day, or at least what passes for normal these days.

My working week in gardening terms was a fairly swift one and was largely spent up ladders in a rather chilly orchard. Aside from this I do actually have to give thanks for the home schooling, which for a change ticked my creative box when we were tasked with the creation of a Haiku poem about winter – quite a treat to my mind!

After heading out for a short jog around the frost covered houses to thoroughly immerse ourselves in winter, we settled down to an all too swift session to warm up whilst playing with words. Our results in the task were pretty simple to be honest but it did create opportunity to spend time thinking and writing about nature – something that itself can’t be underrated just now, and I have to say I’ve become a little obsessed with the concept since!

Well, I’m sure you’ll agree that I have much to learn but for me, Haiku seems to offer a really creative way of capturing moments and atmospheres in nature, in time and in the garden; something I’m looking to record or practise in new ways – new ways to me at least. Forgive me for adding two this week within my images; I do hope they haven’t strayed too far off the traditional Haiku path!

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