Journal 24.1.21

As I type this week’s Journal to the sound of Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’, I look back across a week of early starts, work commitments and a large dose of home schooling. Week three is now done, lockdown continues and finally the new weekly pattern settles into a rhythm.

Cyclamen coum from Caucasus region.

All has been very quiet on the home gardening front, with everything in its place and all ticking over nicely – there’s lots of activity to come but for now, this ultra slow pace is fine. Some grass seed that I sowed over the festive period is just starting to show through, and whilst the gravel-topped spring flower containers move not, the Miscanthus grasses frequently do with each chilly, passing breeze.

2 thoughts on “Journal 24.1.21

  1. Really love your journal, Gary. It’s almost as good as actually being in the garden, which at the moment it a bit limited.


    1. Yes being in the garden can be challenging at the moment – especially today with snow everywhere here! Thanks for the comments Mandy 🌿


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