Garden Journal 29.8.20

Welcome to a slice of my weekly gardening journal – an entry for the week leading up to Saturday August 29. This week there’s a bit about barrow pushing and a bit more about pressure points!

Barrow Pushing
This week has been quite a whirlwind – after arriving home from our travels late last Sunday to heading into work early doors the next day to get the week underway. From Friday to Monday I had literally gone from leisurely strolling around the garden paths at Wallington, and without a care in the world, to barrow pushing along the garden paths at Broadwell in the Cotswolds.

Up the garden path at Wallington Hall in Northumberland
Up the garden path at Wallington.

To touch on the weather, ‘turbulent’ is how I’d describe the week, for most garden folk it’s been a Karate Kid situation of ‘jacket on, jacket off’ to beat the showers. Mind you, despite the lowering light levels and shortening days, humidity and moisture levels have been up, meaning the growth rate for many plants (grass in particular…) seems high.

One thought on “Garden Journal 29.8.20

  1. I enjoyed reading about dealing with the elements and damage limitation after a break away from the garden. I had given up with some areas of my garden, but since the recent downpours and storms, things seem to have rejuvenated somewhat. I feel I need to research and work on soil structure and mulching to retain moisture. So how about sharing some thoughts on that in your next write up? Or should I give up and order a massive bag of topsoil?!


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