Garden Journal 8.8.20

Welcome to a slice of my weekly gardening journal – for the week leading up to Saturday August 8th. This week: Exploring Packwood’s Garden, and Managing an Historic Garden.

Exploring Packwood’s Garden
Work and home, work and home, work, shopping, and home; that seems to be the cycle that has remained on repeat for quite a while. More frequently now though, the odd weekend offers a day out to break that norm, and last weekend just such an opportunity appeared; a trip to Packwood House and Garden, and I could hardly wait to stroll amongst some different trees and flowers.

A view up arched red brick steps, to a very ancient wrought iron gate way At Packwood house in Warwickshire.
Through the garden gate –
Packwood Style!

Confidence seems to be growing between people, but a healthy respect of personal space generally takes precedence. However, due to the understandable need for one way routes around gardens just now, some of the garden was off limit. A favourite walled garden of mine was closed, along with the sunken garden and exotic raised borders – just viewable from near the house.

2 thoughts on “Garden Journal 8.8.20

  1. Looks like a nice trip out. We managed our first garden visit this week. It was nice to see other peoples plants after 4 months of my own little space. While it was a bit rougher round the edge with reduced staff it was still great to get out and have a little sense of normality and support the garden.

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    1. I completely identify with your experience, it’s incredible how the massively reduced teams have kept the gardens looking so good. Just glad to get out really ☺️


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